Sharon Cembi

Sharon Cembi

Lead Executive: Corporate and Implementation Support

Sharon Cembi is a Geology graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand. She has spent more than15 years in the Mining Industry working for Sedibelo Platinum Mines, African Nickel Limited, Sephaku Holdings, a holding company for Sephaku Cement. She was instrumental in the target generation for these deposits through her expertise in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS). Her professional scope as a Geoscientist extends over various locations in Africa with exploration skills for Platinum Group Metals (PGM), Gold, Coal, Nickel, Fluorspar, Cement and many economically viable resources. She has worked for a private equity group called Africa Minerals Exploration and Development (AMEDFUNDS), which focused on developing tier-1 mineral projects in Africa, operating in over 20 countries.

Sharon has a Masters in Science (MSc); Geoinformatics and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). With her Geoinformatics background, she has been able to pivot her career also to serve the construction industry for the past six years. She has formed part of the GIS forum of the Department of Human Settlements. She has also served in the data subcommittee for Committee Spatial Information (CSI) of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. Her participation in these portfolios was during her tenure at the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), where she was appointed as Operations Manager for the Centre for Research and Housing Innovation.

Sharon has represented the South African delegation at the International Housing Association and at the World Urban Forum, which is convened by UN-Habitat.

As a young woman and entrepreneur, Sharon also forms part of the business operations for Afrika Earth Projects  (AEP), which is a newly established company specialising in Rock Engineering, Geophysical Exploration; Geological Modelling; Underground Mining (Coal and Platinum), Strata Control Inspections for underground and opencast mines, Underground Support Inspections, Surface and Underground Geotechnical Investigations, Exploration Geology; Dolomite Stability Investigations and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping Services.