Nthabiseng Ocia Mueti

Nthabiseng Ocia Mueti

Lead Executive: 1st Tier Skills Upliftment and Social Responsibility

Nthabiseng Ocia Mueti is passionate about developing communities’ quality of life through planning and driving sustainable socio-economic projects. Presently she is the Social & Labour Plan (SLP) Manager at Menar. Prior to being appointed to her current position Nthabiseng served as an environmental and SLP officer, Compliance officer and Junior Project Manager at Canyon Coal.

Since joining the industry in 2018, Nthabiseng has gained unparalleled experience in environmental compliance, social licensing, management of mining projects and managing key relationships between state organs and various stakeholders. Tasks performed include preparing legal reports, reviewing technical documents, devising detailed plans, creating cost estimates to analyse practicality, managing contractors, stakeholder engagement, management of brownfield and greenfield projects, data analysis, and reporting findings.

Powered by a drive to empower female students in different levels of learning institutions and change the face of mining, she co-founded the organisation When We Women Rise (WWWR) in pursuit of attracting and retaining young women in the South African mining industry. The organisation achieves its vision through practical exposure and implementation of initiatives such as Mine Visit, School information sessions, Seminars & Pop-up tours in rural communities.

Nthabiseng Ocia believes that formal education should not be the only fundamental part of academic excellence, but also the integration of non-formal education should be emphasised to provide maximum development of intellectual capacities and skills to service humanity. The movement is unstoppable in its drive to succeed in mining, with no telling of the great impact yet to be felt. This is a testament to the many initiatives, programmes and projects under their belt. We can take heed in the African Proverb “if you want to go fast – go alone, if you want to go far – go together”.

Nthabiseng Ocia has been featured in several well-known industry publications in Mining Weekly and SA Mining. She is also highly involved in moderated industry events such as the Global Engineering Symposium. She holds a Diploma in Mining Engineering from the University of Johannesburg and is also a certified blaster for surface mining and quarrying.